Importance of Materials

If the last provides the shape of the shoe, then the materials provide its life and personality. Material selection decides if the shoe will be responsive on the diamond, or cozy at home. We hand select the right material for each application, resulting in higher quality, more comfortable footwear that won’t rip when you slide into home, and won’t fade in the summer sun.

Footwear MaterialsFootwear Materials

The Focus

There are a vast range of options when making a shoe, and we have partnered with material experts to expand our sourcing network and bring in industry leading materials.

Increasing our material options has allowed us to not only bring you lighter, more durable materials, but you will also see a larger range of options in our product lines. So whether you are on the diamond looking for that extra speed, or a coach on your feet all day, our shoes keep you at your best.

Every Ounce CountsEvery Ounce Counts

Every Ounce Counts

With our new materials, our turfs are 8 percent lighter on average.

Breathability and ComfortBreathability and Comfort

Breathability and Comfort

Increased breathability and comfort will keep you at your best well into extra innings


High Performance

From the field to the trail, Boombah shoes have been designed to keep you performing at your best.

Expect the Best

We demand quality from our materials, and you should too. We have worked hard to source the best material possible to deliver the best product we have ever made. From stolen bases to home runs, you can rely on your new pair of Boombah shoes.

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Rethinking Footwear - MaterialsRethinking Footwear - Materials