What's Happening at Boombah

Over the last 18 months Boombah has made profound changes to the way we approach our footwear. We now have greater and more direct ownership over every step of design, development, manufacturing, and quality control. We have also increased the range and quality of the materials we use. These changes allow us to completely rethink every product line, every material, and every manufacturing process.

Redesigning footwearRedesigning footwear

What Does This Mean for You?

This new approach equates to a more durable, comfortable, lighter, and better fitting shoe.

We have improved our manufacturing techniques to match and exceed the expectations set by the rest of the industry. Expect to see sweeping improvements in quality and innovation in the shoes you buy.

You can expect dozens of new shoes in the coming year. From cleats to casual, from training to slides, it’s all on the way.

What is Coming Next?

This is the first update of a recurring series here at Boombah where we will periodically give you small stories surrounding our new development process. Stay tuned for more insider information.

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Redesigning footwearRedesigning footwear