boombah Custom INK Cheer Bowsboombah Custom INK Cheer Bows

Boombah INK Cheer Bows $12.99 (10 Bow Minimum)

Show your team pride with Boombah INK Cheer Bows! These 2-sided, fully sublimated cheer bows are made from 3" Wide Grosgrain Ribbon helping make these built to last cheer bows keep their shape. Includes a built in elastic hair tie. FD-CHEER-BOW

Boombah Custom Cheer Bow Details


  • 1. Team Logo or Mascot
  • 2. Team or Player Name
  • 3. Team or Player Name
  • 4. Middle Tie - Solid color or pattern. No gradients or opacities.
  • 5. Inside Color - Solid color or pattern. No gradients or opacities.
  • 6. Outside Color - Solid color or pattern. No gradients or opacities.
  • 7. Elastic Hair Tie - Black only.
Custom Bows in a pile
Custom Bows laid out on wood table
Custom Bows stacked on top of each other

Boombah INK Graphics

When it comes to decorating your Cheer Bow, Boombah has a ton of options to choose from. Check out the popular options below. Not finding what you need? Let Boombah create a custom logo (extra fees apply) for you.
Click HERE to read our custom product policies

Boombah Full Dye Graphic 2412


Boombah Full Dye Graphic 2413


Boombah Full Dye Graphic 2414


Boombah Full Dye Graphic 2415


Boombah Full Dye Graphic 2416


Boombah Full Dye Graphic 2417


Boombah Full Dye Graphic 2418


Boombah Full Dye Graphic 2419


Boombah Full Dye Graphic 2420


Boombah Full Dye Graphic 2421


Boombah Full Dye Graphic 2422


Boombah Full Dye Graphic 2423


Boombah Full Dye Graphic 2424


Boombah Full Dye Graphic 2425


Boombah Full Dye Graphic 2426


Boombah Full Dye Graphic 2427


Boombah Full Dye Graphic 2428


Boombah Full Dye Graphic 2429


Boombah Full Dye Graphic 2430


Boombah INK Names

Boombah Full Dye Names and Number Set 1138

FDSP - 1138

Boombah Full Dye Names and Number Set 1139

FDSP - 1139

Boombah Full Dye Names and Number Set 1140

FDSP - 1140

Boombah Full Dye Names and Number Set 1141

FDSP - 1141

Boombah Full Dye Names and Number Set 1142

FDSP - 1142

Boombah Full Dye Names and Number Set 1143

FDSP - 1143

Boombah Full Dye Names and Number Set 1144

FDSP - 1144

Boombah Full Dye Names and Number Set 1145

FDSP - 1145

Boombah INK Patterns

Boombah Cheer Bow Pattern 1026


Boombah Cheer Bow Pattern 1028


Boombah Cheer Bow Pattern 1031


Boombah Cheer Bow Pattern 2017


Boombah Cheer Bow Pattern 2026


Boombah Cheer Bow Pattern 2044


Boombah Cheer Bow Pattern 2070


Boombah Cheer Bow Pattern 2071


Boombah Cheer Bow Pattern 2072


Boombah Cheer Bow Pattern 2073


Boombah Cheer Bow Pattern 2074


Boombah Cheer Bow Pattern 2075


Boombah Cheer Bow Pattern 2076


Boombah Cheer Bow Pattern 2077


Boombah Cheer Bow Pattern 2085


Call Customer Care at 815-941-1431 to order your cheer bow!

Custom Order Info

** Custom logos and provided artwork are subject to additional fees.

Lead Times

Current lead time for custom items (after artwork approval): 2 weeks. 5 Business Day Rush Available.
After final mock ups are approved. Rush is additional fee. Production time begins the following Business day from your approved mockup date. Due to many variables with our factories worldwide, Boombah cannot guarantee exact fabric or color reproductions on any and all fill-in reorders.

Due to different graphic materials and application processes, slight color differences may occur between the same colors used on different printing methods. For example a navy screen print graphic may be a slightly different color than a navy full dye graphic.

We have taken great care in producing a color palette which matches, as closely as possible, the colors in our pant fabric. These are called “Boombah Standard Colors”. When these colors are printed as part of a gradient, they will sometimes not match as closely as a solid color. When our art department sends you a mockup please note that because of variations in display and/or printer settings it is impossible for us to be sure we are displaying an exact match. The color in your garment may or may not resemble the color on your screen or print out. Colors used in mockups are for display purpose only.

Boombah Standard Colors are referred to by name at the time of order and confirmed when the mockup is confirmed. Unfortunately, customized items cannot be accepted for return for final color output not matching either the color displayed at the time the mockup was confirmed, or not matching other items ordered. Please contact customer service if you believe that a named color was used in error. At Boombah, our policy is to provide the closest color matching possible for our customers.


Boombah and its affiliated companies (“Boombah”) want to work with you to put your designs, artwork, and logos on the products you purchase from Boombah. Any such designs which Boombah prepares for you (“Artwork”), will be the property of Boombah and will remain Boombah’s intellectual property even if you have paid a fee for our design services. You will receive the Artwork only as it appears on goods purchased from Boombah and not in any electronic format. We will have the right to use the Artwork for any lawful purpose, including without limitation, for sales and advertising.

If you supply us with original and useable designs (“Customer Designs”), those Customer Designs will remain your property, unless you request changes to the Customer Designs which significantly change the design. Such changes will result in the Customer Design becoming Artwork owned by Boombah. You represent that you have all the appropriate rights to use Customer Designs which you provide to Boombah, and you agree to be responsible for all costs or damages arising from a claim of infringement related to your Customer Design. You will need to provide written proof of your rights to use any third party logo or trademark prior to Boombah using such logos or incorporating such logos into your Artwork.