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Specialty Applications

Boombah's specialized applications make it easy to personalize your garments with your own touch. These are not traditional applications, but have a custom blend of screen print and embroidery, or why not combine multiple processes for a truely unique design?! Boombah's specialized applications are one of a kind appliques that mix multiple processes together giving the garment a one-of-a-kind look. Look at some of the possibilities in the Application Styles tab. Each of these possibilities shows an example of the type of application that can be done and which can be customized to your specific needs. Logos and text can be swapped out and colors can be changed. Prices listed do not include cost of garments.

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• Art work set up, one time charge $50
• Fill-in fee for less than 6 of the REVERSED OUT LASER DYE and the 3-D LASER DYE PUFF - $10.00
• Fill-in fee for less than 12 of the DISTRESSED/REVERSED OUT SCREEN LASER DYE - $30.00
• Fill-in fee for less than 12 of the LASER ETCHING - $20.00
• Belt print has a minimum order of 48 and there are no fill-ins available
• Each specialty application has a specific pricing listed
• Belt prints are ONLY available for sizes Medium-2XL

Lead Times


2-3 Business Days


6-7 Business Days

full dye

2-3 Weeks.
Full Button Styles 3-5 weeks.


6-7 Business Days


12 Business Days


6-7 Business Days