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Custom logos are the ultimate choice when you’re looking for a unique logo that truly represents your team. Custom logos can combine any imagery you’d like to use to represent your team, along with any of Boombah’s thousands of fonts to create a logo that is suited exactly to you. The possibilities are virtually endless. When you choose to have a custom logo designed, you will be assigned one designer who will work with you through the process of creating your logo. Your designer will contact you personally to discuss the logo you’d like before creating your first mockup. Your designer will then send you a mockup of your shirt, including your logo and number styles. After this initial mockup, you will be allowed two major revisions, at the Designer’s discretion. Boombah has a large design team that is eager to work with you and help you shape the logo you’re dreaming of. Our designers love what they do and it shows in the quality work they produce.

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Custom Design Fee - $125.00
Please refer to order process for our design standards

Lead Times


2-3 Business Days


6-7 Business Days

full dye

2-3 Weeks.
Full Button Styles 3-5 weeks.


6-7 Business Days


12 Business Days


6-7 Business Days

Custom Graphic Samples

Custom Logo 1
Custom Logo 2
Custom Logo 3
Custom Logo 4
Custom Logo 5
Custom Logo 6