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Soccer Cleats

With three new styles of soccer cleats featuring 3D fingerprint technology, liquiform uppers, True Grit texture and a Power Plant chassis, these boots will give you the touch you need on the ball to be lethal on the field.

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Unique TPU upper composite material providing light weight, durability, and moisture resistance.

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Premium Goat Leather

Timeless, classic leather upper offers unsurpassed comfort and flexibility. This ultra-thin premium leather requires almost no break in time and will mold perfectly to the foot for a luxurious feel and perfect fit.

True Grit

Heavy grit texture areas on the vamp and lateral quarter for ball touch and control in any condition.

Micro-Suede Comfort Lining

The interior lining material is engineered to lock in the heel while minimizing chafing and blistering.

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3D Fingerprint Textured Upper

Make a statement with this contemporary, light weight upper material constructed with textured 3D fingerprint technology for superb touch control.

Asymmetric Lacing

Asymmetric lacing for enlarged sweet spot.

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Power Plant

High density TPU chassis construction in conjunction with the pivot ring cleat configuration provides explosive angular motion in any direction.

Outsole Graphic

All three Boombah soccer boots come with their own custom graphic artwork on the outsole.

comet soccer cleats
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