Boombah Gamma Burst Molded Football Cleats

Gamma Burst Football Cleats

Featuring armored walls and vapor ports with a Galaxy PU underlay for moisture reduction, this cleat is built for trenches. The power plant and pebax torsion bar give you control while being able to have explosive cuts in any direction.

Boombah Gamma Burst Vapor Ports

Vapor Ports

Laser cut diamond chop outs with micro-perforated “Galaxy PU” underlay for moisture reduction.

Boombah Gamma Burst Molded Football Cleat Details

Armor Walls

Extra durable mudguard overlay with carbon fiber texture for strength and moisture protection.

Mid Collar

Mid collar protection with additional Vapor Ports.


High density heal pad insert.

Boombah Gamma Burst Cleat Bottom

Power Plant

High density TPU chassis construction in conjunction with the pivot ring cleat configuration provides explosive angular motion in any direction.

Pebax Torsion Bar

Pebax shank ridges are co-molded through the heel and shank to provide chassis stability and motion control.

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