Lacrosse Gear

Boombah Lacrosse Equipment & Gear

When playing a physical sport like lacrosse it is imperative to ensure the use of the highest quality lacrosse equipment. That's why Boombah Lacrosse empowers you to take control of the Lacrosse Equipment that you use on the field.

Boombah DEFCON Men's Lacrosse Pads, Men's Lacrosse Gloves and Women's Lacrosse Gloves are engineered and designed to be lightweight and low profile lacrosse pads while emphasizing protection and flexibility.

Boombah lacrosse shafts are constructed from composite with an optimized strength to weight ratio with high stiffness at two different lengths for attack and defense. If you are questioning what Lacrosse Shaft and Head combination might be ideal for you, View Lacrosse Stick Buying Guide