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Baseball Bats

Baseball Bats

Boombah baseball bats deliver unparalleled ball crushing power and performance at the affordable price you can't get anywhere else without sacraficing performance.
The Boombah Cannon baseball bat combines high strength aerospace grade SS1 alloy with a variable wall thickness that reduces the aluminum thickness in areas of barrel to create a lightweight and balanced design. Using a 2-piece construction to join the XRT composite 3K carbon handle and the XRT composite/SS1 alloy barrel provides peak performance and benefits feel and vibration reduction.
X-15 Flight Technology is the outer coating that promotes ball spin, resulting in a longer ball flight when you're swinging for the fence or shooting one deep into the gap.
Boombah Wood Baseball Bats uses a bamboo core with a maple overlay to give you the durability of bamboo with the feel and performance of maple. With 3 profiles available, every hitter has the choice of ultra balanced, balanced and slight endload.


The right baseball bat makes all the difference out on the field. It’s not enough to pick up the nearest bat and swing—what you need is a tool that’s been calibrated for size, weight, and length. That’s why we offer one of the best collections of baseball bats and softball bats on the market.

For fastpitch softball bats, look for a balanced feel and a long hitting surface to keep speeds high. For slowpitch softball bats, you want maximum flex and performance to crush the ball. For baseball bats, the best options offer one-piece construction in everything from wood to alloy metal. No matter what your equipment needs, you’ll find a full range of quality options in the materials and colors you want right here.