Garment Style1-9 reordermin 10
2-Button BAU-FAST-2B$64.99$54.99
Full Button Short Sleeve BAU-FAST-FB$67.99$57.99
Full Button Sleeveless BAU-FAST-FB-SL$67.99$57.99
Pullover Sleeveless BAU-FAST-PO-SL$64.99$54.99
Shorts BAU-FAST-SH$54.99$44.99


• For sizes 2XL and 3XL add $2.00 and for sizes 4XL and 5XL add $3.00
• Minimum 10 required for initial order
• Option to Select any one of our three fabrics
• Team Name on Front up to 2 Color Tackle Twill (using Stock Fonts and Logo Styles)
• Custom Team Name or Logo on Front (Design Fee may apply)
• Player Numbers on Front and Back up to 2 Color Tackle Twill (using our Stock Number Fonts)
• Sleeve Logo and/or Logo above Numbers on the Back (Design Fee may apply)
• Sublimated twill will be used for both logo and numbers for new orders that have 3 colors in the logos/team name.

Available Options

• Custom Logos $125.00 onetime fee
• Provided Vector Artwork $50.00 one time fee
• Player Names $7.50/Jersey (1 Color Tackle Twill in Plain Block or Full Block Font)
• All decorations are Poly Twill and/or Embroidery

Delivery Time

• Ships 6-8 weeks after artwork approval
• Uniforms need to be paid in full in order to begin production
• Uniforms are imported

To submit your order please provide the following:

• Select a Uniform Style
• Select a Material (Check that colors are available in the Fabric you want)
• Select a Logo Style and Font for Team Name
• Select Number Font
• Select Colors for Team Name and Numbers (In to Out; ex. White w/ Black trim)
• Contact us at (815) 941-1431 and we will do the rest!

Call 815.941.1431 to talk with a Customer Care Representative to place your order!


Once your order has been submitted into our system, we are unable to make any further changes to your order.

2-Button Jersey


4160 Jersey
4185 Jersey

Full Button Short Sleeve Jersey


4111 Jersey

Full Button Sleeveless Jersey & Shorts


4103 Jersey
4104 Jersey

Pullover Short Sleeve Jersey & Shorts


4196 Jersey

Pullover Sleeveless Jersey & Shorts


4220 Jersey

Colors & Materials


Boombah Poly Color Options

Boombah Poly offers the durability and look of more traditional fabrics with increased comfort and performance of our BOOM-Dry moisture wicking technology.

Boombah Black Poly
Boombah Gold Poly
Boombah gray Poly
Boombah Maroon Poly
Boombah navy Poly
Boombah orange Poly
Boombah royal Poly
Boombah red Poly
Boombah teal Poly
Boombah texas-orange Poly
Boombah vegas Poly
Boombah white Poly

Boombah Pro Mesh Color Options

This open mesh Fabric is designed to maximize breathability. This fabric has a light feel while retaining the structure needed for a button down uniform. Featuring our BOOM-Dry moisture wicking technology.

Boombah Black pro-mesh
Boombah columbia pro-mesh
Boombah cardinal pro-mesh
Boombah dark-green pro-mesh
Boombah Gold pro-mesh
Boombah gray pro-mesh
Boombah kelly green pro-mesh
Boombah maroon pro-mesh
Boombah navy pro-mesh
Boombah orange pro-mesh
Boombah purple pro-mesh
Boombah royal pro-mesh
Boombah red pro-mesh
Boombah vegas pro-mesh
Boombah white pro-mesh

Boombah Tri-Fit Color Options

As mock mesh fabric, Tri fit fabric was designed for stretch and breathability while having a flat, more traditional finish. The lightest option available for button down uniforms, Tri Fit retains a structured look and all of our performance features including BOOM-Dry moisture wicking technology.

Boombah Black tri-fit
Boombah columbia tri-fit
Boombah cardinal tri-fit
Boombah dark green tri-fit
Boombah Gold tri-fit
Boombah gray tri-fit
Boombah kelly green tri-fit
Boombah maroon tri-fit
Boombah navy tri-fit
Boombah orange tri-fit
Boombah purple tri-fit
Boombah royal tri-fit
Boombah red tri-fit
Boombah vegas tri-fit
Boombah white tri-fit


DF Traditional Top

Boombah Authentic Fonts
Boombah Authentic Logos
Boombah Authentic Font Placement



4103 Jersey
4124 Jersey
4144 Jersey
4148 Jersey
4154 Jersey
4196 Jersey
4198 Jersey
4224 Jersey
4224 Jersey
4298 Jersey
4298 Jersey
4350 Jersey
4350 Jersey
4353 Jersey
4353 Jersey
4355 Jersey
4360 Jersey

Sizing Charts


Boombah - Full Dye Sizing
Measurements in inches
Size XX-Small X-Small Small Medium Large X-Large 2X-Large 3X-Large
Fits chest measuring (Jersey) 28"-30" 30.5"-32.5" 33.5"-35" 35.5"-38" 38.5"-41" 41.5"-44" 44.5"-47.5" 48"-50.5"
Length (Jersey) 24.75" 26.25" 28" 29" 30" 31" 31.5" 32"
Fits waist measuring (Short) 22.5"-24" 24.5"-26" 26.5"-29" 29.5"-31.5" 32"-34.5" 35"-38.5" 39"-42.5" 43"-45.5"
Inseam (Short) 4.5" 4.5" 4.75" 4.75" 4.75" 5" 5" 5"
Hips 30.5"-32.5" 33"-35" 35.5"-37.5" 38"-41" 41.5"-43.5" 44"-46.5" 47"-50" 50.5"-53"

How to measure Women's:
womens sizing icon Chest
Arms relaxed at your sides, measure around the fullest part of your chest/bust (around shoulder blades and under arms). Do not pull tight; the measuring tape should be straight and flat against the body, yet comfortably loose.

Stand up straight. Either use a mirror or have a friend measure from the top of the shoulder about an inch from the neck. Extend the measuring tape down along the body to the distance shown on your selected size. This will be the approximate position of the bottom edge of the garment.

Determine the position you want the waistline of your pants to rest when worn and measure around this portion of your body. The measuring tape should be straight and flat against the body, yet comfortably loose.

Remove your shoes and stand up straight. Start the tape measure high in the crotch. Keep the tape straight, and measure down along the inside of your leg to the floor.