Hypertech Series Fastpitch Pants

The classic fit you have grown to love, paired with innovative fabrics make this pant the perfect fit for female players of all levels.

Boombah Hypertech Fastpitch Pants

Moisture Wicking

A cutting-edge treatment is applied to the yarns making their surfaces extremely hydrophillic which keeps you dry inning after inning.

Boombah Hypertech Fastpitch Pants

Blended Yarns

A unique blend of textured and stretch polyester yarns is the perfect balance of stretch and softness.

Boombah Hypertech Fastpitch Pants

Comfortable & Durable

Softer fibers are placed against the skin for comfort and stronger fibers located on the exterior of the pant increase abrasion resistance.

Cut & Fit

The Hypertech Series Fastpitch Pant was refined using a decade of player feedback of all skill levels, research and design innovation, to create the best cut women's pant on the market.

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