Bat Warranty

Bat Care FAQ

Boombah is committed to providing world-class customer care. Every employee at Boombah is dedicated to creating a consistent, pleasant experience with each of our customers.

Boombah offers an excellent warranty on select models to match the performance and durability of our composite and aluminum bats. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact Boombah Customer Care at (815)941-1941



Boombah will provide a one-time bat repair or replacement within one year of purchase date. This warranty covers all defects resulting from normal field usage including: denting, cracking, breaking, loose or detached endcap or rattling.

Important: This is a high performance bat designed for maximum performance. The life of the bat is largely determined by the number of hits it takes over its life time. Boombah suggest the following to extend the life of the bat:

  • Rotate bat ¼ turn each time you hit
  • It is recommended that this bat is for individual use only and not a team bat
  • Use with leathered covered balls only
  • Avoid using in temperatures below 60 degrees Fahrenheit

Warning: Do not use bat if excessively worn or damaged. Breakage can cause injury to players, umpires, spectators etc. Inspect your bat frequently for any signs of damage.


  • Bats that have been altered in any way, abused or mistreated
  • Bats that have been used in cold temperatures under 60 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Bats used in a batting cage with non-leathered covered balls
  • Bats purchased from non-authorized dealers, individuals or auction websites
  • Grip replacement is not covered under this warranty
  • Scratching, Cosmetic Imperfections and Paint Chipping are not covered under this warranty.

Return Authorization
For return authorization processing please call 815-941-1431 during business hours to be issued an RA number. Please have the following information ready: valid receipt, model #, length, weight, and date purchased.

Boombah, Inc. reserves the right to refuse warranty service to anyone who, in Boombah, Inc. discretion has misused Boombah product and/or Boombah warranty policy. Boombah reserves the right to test any product that is deemed necessary to determine if the bat meets warranty requirements. The customer is responsible for shipping charges when sending bat to Boombah for warranty evaluation.

It is important that you keep your recepit after purchasing a Boombah product. A receipt is needed for a warranty claim. This is a manufacturers warranty and is only returnable to Boombah, not an authorized dealer. An authorized dealer receipt is required. Bats not purchased from an authorized dealer do not carry a warranty of any kind.

Warranty Claims
Boombah, Inc. 202 W. Boombah Blvd., Yorkville, IL 60560
Customer Care (815)941-1431 ext.110
Online at:


Bat Care

High Performance Composite/Aluminum bats require special care, as they are designed for ultimate performance.

  • High performance bats should not be used in cold weather (under 60 degrees) as they will be more receptive to denting or breakage.
  • High Performance bats are not recommended for team use.
  • Rotate your bat ¼ turn each time you hit to maximize the life of the bat.
  • Use only with leather covered regulation game balls.
  • Do not use anything other than a mild dish soap and water to clean your bats. Do not use ammonia based products or any type of solvents.


How long does my warranty last?
• One year after the date of purchase

How do I return a defective bat?
Call Customer Care at 815-941-1431

Where do I send my defective bat for replacement after receiving my RA#?
Boombah, Inc.
202 Boombah Blvd.
Yorkville, IL 60560

Do I need to keep my bat receipt after my purchase?
• Yes, it will be needed in case of any warranty issues.

How can I reach a Boombah Customer Care Representitive?
• 815-941-1431

Is it ok to clean my bat and what should I use?
• Yes - Use only a mild dish soap and water to clean your bats. Do not use ammonia based products or any type of solvents.

Is it a good idea to use my bat in cold weather?
• No – High Performance Composite/Aluminum bats should not be used in cold weather (under 60 degrees) as they will be more receptive to denting and breakage.