velocity volleyball shoes

Velocity Volleyball Shoes

Featuring DPS technology, the Boombah Velocity Volleyball Shoe is engineered for explosive leaps, breakneck agility and unrelenting endurance.

volleyball shoes with defcon material

Defcon Material

Defcon material is distributed in layers throughout the volleyball shoe. Thin layers in areas emphasizing flexibility and thick layers in areas of protection and support.

Ventilation Ports

Ventilation ports in the DPS are backed by air mesh adding breathability, keeping your feet cool and dry.

velocity volleyball shoe

Recoil Midsole

Recoil midsole material is lightweight and high rebound. Absorbs impact and increases energy return.

Podded Outsole

Podded outsole construction with flex grooves maximizes natural foot movement and stability

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Midfoot Launch Plate

Midfoot launch plate propels through explosive movements and adds stability to your landing.

volleyball velocity shoe

Composite Gum Rubber

Composite gum rubber grips the floor and holds on for quick changes in direction.

Herringbone Outsole

Wavy herringbone outsole pattern engineered for maximum traction.

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