XRT Composite Low Compression Barrel

The Boss 3.0 features a true Hot out of the wrapper Low Compression Barrel. The 3.0 design needs minimal to no break in time giving you the confidence to make it your gamer from day one.

More Flex = More Pop

The low compression barrel increases barrel flex at impact resulting in more pop with a huge sweetspot.

Up to 20% Lower Compression than Previous Models

Reformulated Multi-Layer Construction giving you the Maximum Performance allowed.


X-15 Flight Technology

Outer coating layer that promotes ball spin for increased hit distances.

Get Greater Distance

The X-15 Flight Tech promotes increased back spin when you cut the ball. The increased spin rate will result in balls staying in the air longer and traveling further for deeper shots in the gaps and over the fences.

Other Boss 3.0 Features

The Boss 3.0 packs a punch with other great features to give you leading edge performance. Here is a look at all features the Boss 3.0 has to offer.

1.789" Knob Diameter

Knob size designed for multiple grip styles. Great for "dropping the pinky", overlap grip styles or a traditional grip.

Textured Microfiber Tack Grip Tape

Ultra-Thin 1.4mm, Soft with textured pattern and Tack


Thin 0.825" Medium Flex Handle designed to optimize power transfer with the Boss 3.0 Barrel Technology.

2-Piece Construction

Handle and barrel designed independently and joined together resulting in optimized power transfer for peak performance, better feel and vibration reduction.

XRT Composite Low Compression Barrel Technology

Proprietary multi-layer construction using Aerospace grade carbon fiber. Reformulated with a new composite layup using thinner but stronger layers to provide more barrel flex resulting in unparalleled performance.

X-15 Flight Technology

Outer coating that promotes ball spin, resulting in a longer ball flight when you're swinging for the fence or hitting deeper shots to the gaps.

Boss 3.0 and Boss 3.0 Dually

Get your hands on one of the hottest bats on the market. Choose in either a USSSA version or a Dual sanctioned USSSA/ASA version

BOSS 3.0 - SPB12U