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Baseball Gloves

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Baseball Gloves

Boombah baseball gloves are more than just a piece of leather, it becomes part of your hand. With that in mind we've made our goal to bring you a professional level gloves at a lower price. By using high quality full-grain cowhide leather shells that easily conform and retain shape each glove can be engineered with the goal of comfort, performance and versatility in mind.

We understand that every position has specific needs which is why we've made variations of our baseball gloves to meet the needs of each position. We do this with different sizes and webs to make required athletic moves easier for each position player. Our first base mitts sacrifice padding for flexibility and maintain a rounded shape for scooping throws out of the dirt. Infielder gloves use a shallower pocket for quick transfers while outfield gloves us a deeper pocket for extended reach on a fly ball. Catcher's gloves provide more padding and stiffness for catching the heaters that would make anyone else's hand sting.

We offer multiple different levels of our glove series including the Veloci GR series and the Kip series. Our Veloci GR series offers high quality, full-grain cowhide leather shells which gives you very conforming leather while ratining shape. The Kip baesball glove series offers a premium Kip leather shell which is 20% lighter than standard cowhide leather, soft and supple while remaining extremely durable with excellent shape retention.

A main focus of ours is to provide the most flexible customization to you as possible. With that in mind, we created a custom baseball glove builder that allows you to choose the glove style you need and customize the colors of the leather.
custom baseball glove builder