Boombah Auspex Performance Eyewear

Engineered For Durability

Ausepx sunglasses are constructed with a TR90 frame that is made from a flexible and lightweight thermoplastic. The frame can bend without breaking and contours to the face for better fit and comfort.

Boombah Auspex Durability

Engineered For Stability

Three comfortable, slip resistant, TPR surfaces provide stable points of contact. The half rim design improves multidirectional stability without obstructing vision.

Boombah Auspex Stability

Engineered For Vision

Dichroic-coated specially treated lenses selectively splits and filters light, improving vision by cutting out glare and enhancing contrast. The Auspex lens is impact and scratch resistant with an anti-fog coating that helps resist dust buildup. 100% UV protection.

Boombah Auspex Vision

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