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What to consider when building your Lacrosse Stick.

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How To Choose A Lacrosse Stick

Buying Guide: Lacrosse Sticks

Lacrosse players all carry a stick. Lacrosse sticks, also known as shafts, is the primary piece of equipment that all players use. It is imperative that every player chooses the right lacrosse stick for them.

Lacrosse Sticks By Position

The primary determining factor for which lacrosse shaft you should use is your position. The two main specifications are length and weight. Attackers commonly prefer a lighter and more agile shaft to achieve a quicker and more explosive range of motion on the field. With that said, Attackers will commonly use our . In turn, defenders and goalies typically use longer and heavier shafts to obtain more strength for blocking and preventing attackers from advancing on the field. Defenders tend to use our .

How To Choose A Lacrosse Stick
How To Choose A Lacrosse Stick

Lacrosse Shaft Material

Although there are a few options out there for your lacrosse shaft, Boombah only offers composite. We believe composite to be the best shaft for both intermediate and advanced players due to the light and strong composite material.

Lacrosse Stick Heads

After choosing which shaft you will use, choose your lacrosse stick head. Boombah offers the . This Lacrosse Head is ultra stiff with a balanced face shape and mild offset. The bottom rail is designed for mid pocket placement and features universal specifications for all levels of play. To go along with the head we offer two mesh kits. The difference between the two kits is a soft mesh, for easier catching and great ball control, or a hard mesh, for quicker release and decent ball control.

How To Choose A Lacrosse Stick