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• Detachable flap (same as Beast Bag Flap)
• High quality 600D fabric that is very resistant to rips or tears
• Separate shoe compartment to keep dirt from getting on other items in your bag
• Mesh divider in bag, velcros in to place to keep the items in the top of your bag from falling down near your shoe compartment
• Wrapped handles makes for comfortable transportation
• Separate top compartment is good for storing batting gloves, fielding glove, hats, etc.
• Multiple pockets for storage creates plenty of room to store items such as keys, wallet, cell phone, sunflower seeds, etc.
• Re-designed top flap gives the bag a new updated look
• Reinforced J-hooks make this bag easy to hang on the fence and because they are reinforced there is no concern of them tearing off
• Bat compartment located on the bottom of the bag it carries 4 bats with no problems
• Extra large wheels make it so this bag will have no problem rolling over just about anything • Reinforced wheel-well reinforces the brackets holding the wheels in to place so they will not fall off
• Heavy duty zippers will not break or stop working if dirt or some type of other substance gets on them
• Dimensions: 38"L x 12.5"W x 12"T
• Does NOT come with shoulder strap
• Imported

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