Boombah is the Official Uniform Supplier of the NPF


"Boombah uniforms fit the female athlete perfectly. You can't play to the best of your ability if you uniform doesn't fit and look just right. The fit and color combinations of Boombah are perfect to look good and play good."

Cat Osterman

"I love the Boombah uniforms that I wore as a Bandit last summer. The pants are my favorite part. The material allowed me to move and stretch with no hindrance and were probably the least-restricting pants I have ever worn playing softball! The uniform did not only feel lightweight and comfortable, but I also love the look. As woman, we like to look good while we play, and Boombah certainly looked great for every game.

Maggie Hull-Tietz Chicago Bandits

"Of all the uniforms I have ever worn, Boombah uniforms are my favorite! The material of the pants is awesome making me feel like I can move in them better than any other uniform. I like the look and fit of the jersey, and overall I LOVE how slimming all of the uniforms are!"

Jessica Shults

"Boombah uniforms are the most comfortable uniforms I've ever worn. And I personally think they're the best looking uniforms too. "

GiOnna DiSalvatore

"The uniforms always look sharp and allow for many different combinations. The quality of the uniforms is top notch. The jerseys and pants could last for more than one NPF season if they needed to."

Alisa Goler
Chicago Bandits