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To take advantage of all the features in this builder application, specifically the ability to apply patterns to your uniform, please use a different browser. We think Google's Chrome is a good choice, but basically any other browser released within the last few years will work.
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Current lead time: 2-4 weeks after artwork approval.

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Short Sleeve


Sizes 3XL and up are $2.00 More



Density is light, moisture wicking 100% polyester fabric. Density fabric uses a fine filament 36 gauge knit. As a result, it has more stitches per inch then other fabrics of the same weight. This increased “density” means a soft silky texture and maximum color saturation during the sublimation process.

Micro Mesh

Micro Mesh

Micro Mesh is a light, pinhole-mesh, moisture wicking, 100% polyester fabric. Using a special knitting technique, this fabric achieves maximum breathability while maintaining the soft texture that other mesh fabrics lack. The is the same fabric as our “Sweep” in stock shirts.

Light Diamond

Micro Mesh

Based on our great Diamond pant fabric, Light Diamond was developed explicitly for buttoned baseball and fast-pitch jerseys. Light Diamond offers the durability and look of traditional fabrics with increased comfort and performance, including our BOOM-Dry moisture wicking technology. This fabric is only available on the button style uniforms.

Micro Mesh Pro

Micro Mesh

A version of the Micromesh pinhole fabric with an increased fiber count, Micromesh-Pro is designed to provide structure to a garment while retaining the breathability of the Micromesh.

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